The Vimy Ridge Academy Dance Program is pleased to use costumes from the Edmonton School of Ballet collection each year. The Edmonton School of Ballet has an extensive wardrobe department with a wide variety of costumes for ballet, jazz, lyrical, hip hop, tap, and national dance performances. There are thousands of costumes for groups and solos with sizes ranging from Children’s 4-6 to a wide range of adult sizes.

School Costuming

All costumes are provided for students of the Dance Program for all group performances with the exception of tights, jazz pants, and shoes which dancers are responsible to provide for each dance. New tights/jazz pants are required for performances.

Students are responsible for the care of all costumes provided for performances. Please remember that there is absolutely no eating or drinking (except water) while in costume. Students will be charged for repair and cleaning costs if they are damaged or soiled beyond regular use. Students must return costumes in the condition they were received, on a hanger with a name tag and all accessories carefully attached. All students, regardless of age, are required to use deodorant while in costume. Every student should own a garment bag which they can use to transport costumes, should the need arise (i.e. Alberta Dance Festival and other competitions).

Hours of Operation

Please contact the main office for exact hours.

About the Wardrobe Room

The Edmonton School of Ballet’s Wardrobe Room is located on the 2nd Floor of the dance facility. It is a storage and work area where all costumes are stored, made, and altered. Our wardrobe mistresses – Sharon MacPherson and Maria Hernandez are accomplished seamstresses with many years of experience who arrange, fit, sew, and alter all costumes for all of the school’s performances with the help of parent volunteers.

Costume Rentals

Students of the Edmonton School of Ballet may rent costumes for solos, duets, and other student works outside of their regular classes. Prices range from approximately $15 for an individual piece to $40 for a dress and approximately $50 for a tutu. These prices are generally for a one time use of the item, and each item requires a deposit kept on file at ESB until that costume is returned. To make an appointment to rent costumes please contact the school office.