Vimy Dance is located at 8205 – 90th Avenue on the 3rd Floor of Vimy Ridge Academy. Housed in the northwest corner of the building, it is accessible from the northwest and north central doors using the northwest stairwell. There is elevator access available for those requiring it. We have six studios, a lounge area, offices and five dressing rooms on the third floor and two studios and a wardrobe room on the second floor. All our classes are held here as well as all Dress Rehearsals, exam selection days, exams and assessments. Click here for a Map

The Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium is located at 11455 87 Avenue. It is on the University of Alberta campus and parking is next to the building. Access is from 87 Avenue. Parking fees can be up to $14 per day (as of 2011), although dropping off your child for rehearsal does not require payment; and often evening or weekend rates are in effect. Our Spring Show is held at the Jubilee. Click here for a Map

The Myer Horowitz Theatre is located in the Student’s Union Building at the University of Alberta. The building is just north of 87th Avenue and west of 114th street (8900 114 Street). There is no direct drop off of this location (street access is restricted to buses only). Parking is available at the Stadium Car Park located west of the Student’s Union Building ($14 for entrance and $1.00 per 15 minutes as of 2011). There is limited meter parking as well. Traffic and parking are extremely congested on weekdays, so it is best to leave extra time to arrive, park and take your dancer to rehearsal. It is not recommended that parents drop their children off, as finding the theatre can be confusing for younger students. The Contemporary Show technical rehearsal, Senior Contemporary Show, Alberta Dance Festival, and Solo and Duet Show are held at the Myer Horowitz. Click here for a Map (2 pages)

**Traffic and parking at the University can be problematic. Please allow ample time to get to the theatre for your rehearsal.**

The John L. Haar Theatre is located at 10045 155 Street at the Center for the Arts at Grant MacEwan. It is best to park in the lot on the northwest side of the building. Hourly and daily parking permits may be purchased from the dispenser located in the lot. To drop off dancers enter the building and turn left. To enter the theatre itself, go straight ahead and then left at the glass wall. Our Winter Celebration is held at the John. L. Haar, as well as ‘Twas the Night before Christmas (Edmonton Festival Ballet) and Essence of Dance (Edmonton Contemporary Dancers). Click here for a Map