Professional Stage Makeup is an essential part of performing. Stage lighting and the distance of the audience make the dancer appear washed out, “flat” and expressionless. The purpose of stage makeup is to add color to the skin and to exaggerate the features, making them clearly visible to the audience. Proper application will ensure that the eyes and lips are clearly visible to the audience fifty feet away. Stage makeup that could in any way pass for regular, daily makeup is unacceptable for the stage.

All students will be required to supply their own make-up for performances. Students must wear foundation, eyeliner, eye shadow, blush, and lipstick.  The colors are chosen by the school and must be as listed on our make-up kit (see below).

For an explanation of how to apply stage make-up please click the link below:

Vimy Dance – Stage Make-up

2017-18 Make-up kit details!