The Vimy Ridge Dance Program is located at 8205 – 90th Avenue on the 3rd Floor of Vimy Ridge Academy. Housed in the northwest corner of the building, it is accessible from the northwest and north central doors using the northwest stairwell. There is elevator access available for those requiring it. We have six studios, lounge area, offices and five dressing rooms on the third floor and two studios and a wardrobe room on the second floor. All our classes are held here as well as all Dress Rehearsals, exam selection days, exams and assessments.  Click here for a map.

Mission Statement

To provide each student with professional training which enhances their interest, talent and enthusiasm in reaching their fullest potential

About the School

Vimy Ridge Academy is a Junior High and High School under the Edmonton Public School Board Domain and is run by the Edmonton School of Ballet Society, a non-profit group.  The Dance Program is just one of many great options for students of Vimy Ridge.

The Vimy Professional Dance Program is an integrated academic and professional dance training program for students in academic grades 7 to 12.  Students attend academic classes at Vimy Ridge Academy each morning and professional dance classes in the afternoon.  Tuition fees are paid by the Edmonton Public School Board. However, families are required to pay student fees that cover extra costs such as pianists, costuming, choreography, and performances.  Once accepted, there is a required deposit to hold your space.

  • Classical and Contemporary Programs – Once students achieve the Intermediate Cecchetti examination and are accepted into Level 8, they must choose between the Classical and Contemporary Program.  The classical program includes Repertoire and extra Ballet Classes.  The contemporary program includes extra Modern and Jazz Classes.


The Vimy Ridge Academy is a non-smoking facility and, because we are located in a Public School, there is no smoking allowed on the grounds of the school.

The school is equipped with 8 spacious studios all with sprung floors and specialized dance flooring (designed to prevent injury).  Each studio has barres, stereo equipment, a piano and all 8 studios are equipped with full mirrors.  There are 5 large dressing rooms, a large and welcoming office, and a substantial lounge area for parents to wait and students to relax and eat.

**Please note that students may only eat in the lounge and not in the Dressing Rooms.  The Edmonton School of Ballet Parents’ Committee has provided microwaves for the students’ convenience. A freezer is located in the lounge area for students to leave ice packs.

Dressing Rooms

There is absolutely NO food or drink allowed in the dressing rooms or hallways.  Please help to keep the dressing rooms tidy at all times by disposing of garbage in the appropriate containers.  There is a “Lost and Found” box located outside the two dressing rooms between Studios 1 & 2.  These are used for clothing, shoes, etc.  Smaller items (watches, jewelry, etc.) are brought to the office.  If you have lost anything, please check these boxes or the office.  Any items left over 30 days are donated to a local charity.  Lockers are located in the dressing rooms and one will be assigned to each student in the Vimy Dance.  Students are advised to keep their belongings locked at all times.  The School cannot be held responsible for any losses or thefts that may occur. All lock combinations must be registered in the office.  All locks must be removed prior to the end of June or locks may be cut-off.